Perfect Smile Foundation if non-government foundation established as an intervention to aid in the reduction of dental health challenges among children and individuals in rural areas

and/or those who in one way or the other have low knowledge or awareness on dental health and dental health diseases. The foundation was necessitated as a result of research conducted to assess risk factors of dental caries among urban primary school children in the Adentan Municipality.

Based on the result which demonstrated upsurge in consumption of sweet foods by primary school children which has led to increase in the chances of caries; and age, type of school, oral health practices being a contributing factors, the following issues was observed:

We have become aware that there is low monitoring by parent, guardian and teacher on the consumption of sugary foods by children; especially, female private school children within the ages of 5 – 9years.

We have also become aware of the fact that most people in this periurban and rural areas are suffering from dental health diseases. Notwithstanding the fact that low income areas have poor standard of living and hence has no finances to treat these disease. In addition, it has become clear that due to poor gerontological practices in Ghana especially in periurban and rural areas, most adult are dying out of dental health diseases.

Few primary school children in the urban and periurban areas have some level of oral health knowledge and with this, generalization has been made to rural children to have low level of dental health knowledge and high increase in dental health disease in the periurban and rural areas in Ghana.

Lack or inadequate knowledge on dental health by parent, guardian and teachers, and specially parents in periurban and rural areas. This is coupled with the fact that there is inadequate if any, dental health awareness; as awareness creation is only conducted by tooth paste and brush companies who wants to influence customers to patronize their wares.

Augustina Mensah Ephraim

Diploma in Dental surgery assistant,
Degree in Administration (management option)
Masters in Public health
Interest: Oral health education, oral health advocacy,community outreaches

Dr Jonathan Obuobisa Otu-Ayeboafo


Jonathan is a product of University of Ghana Dental school. He is passionate about reaching out to the less privileged and providing excellent oral health care to his clients.
He thinks every person should know and have equal opportunities in oral health care.

Dr. Patrick Awuah

Senior Dental Surgeon

Obeng Tuuda David


Academic Background: Bsc Human Biology (KNUST); Bachelor of Dental Surgery (KNUST)
Interests: Oral health research, oral health Advocacy, Public Speaking.

Gladys Tsotsoo Nketia

Dental Surgery Assistant

Diploma in Dental surgery assistant,Diploma in Business Administration(Accounting option).

Dr Nadia Naa Afoley Tetteh


Hawa Ibrahim

A Dental Nurse

Certificate in dental surgery assisting
Working with the University of Ghana Dental School for the past 14 years.
Humble, honest and loves to see people around me happy.

Rosina Esinam Appiah


Rosina Esinam Appiah joined the team as head of administration. Individuals and organizations can be in touch with her on operational related queries.Rosina holds a degree in French and a Master of International Relations with administrative experience in the public and private sector, as well as in not-for-profit organisations within the field.

Dr.Aaron Osei-Asibey


Bsc. Medical Sciences and Bachelor of Dental Surgery at the UGSMD.
My interests are Community and School Oral Health Education and Advocacy, Oral Medicine and Medicolegal affairs.

Engaging Society One Smile at A Time