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Calling all dentists, dental hygienists, or students aspiring to work in the dental health field are interested in dental volunteer projects!

A lack of access to oral healthcare and education puts children and adults at risk of developing serious medical problems. Currently, oral diseases and conditions affect 3.58 billion people worldwide, according to a World Health Organization report. As dental health is one of the most underserved healthcare fields, there are dental volunteer projects around the globe that need your expertise.

If you have a passion for helping others, why not put your dental skills and passion to dentistry to good use? Many great projects are mobilizing skilled volunteers like yourself to maintain smiles and promote good oral health.


Typical activities include:

  1. Preventative dental care
  2. Dental health education (brushing and flossing techniques, etc.)
  3. Common pediatric oral care procedures
  4. Dental health screenings
  5. Extractions
  6. Root canals and scaling
  7. Support to dental hygienists
  8. Maintenance of dental equipment
  9. Other support roles associated with running a mobile dental clinic
  10. Specialized oral health practices such as maxillofacial or orthodontics


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